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With the advent of cloud software, most business applications run over the internet and need to be hosted in order to guarantee performance of the application for the users. Some applications will come pre-packaged with application hosting, however in other situations a company may need to host the application themselves.
Application Hosting
Reliable hosting for your application

Depending on how resource intensive the application is that needs application hosting, a dedicated server or virtual server will be the most appropriate solution for hosting the application. Multiple virtual servers can be a cost effective way of ensuring redundancy for the application should there be an issue with one of the virtual servers. However if a company has the budget to spend and if the application is particularly sensitive meaning security is of utmost importance a dedicated server may be the most appropriate solution.

Where will my application be hosted?

All solutions are hosted in the Hosting Techniques award winning data centre, which is built around the very latest technologies. With its robust security, multiple power sources and energy-efficient practices, it’s one of the greenest and most resilient data centre's in the industry.